What is OptiShot?

optishotmatOptishot 2 is a Golf Simulator which can be used in many forms. Until now your only option to practice at home has been to hit in to a net. If you’re practicing into a net you’re missing out on observering the ball’s flight and means you’re not getting the critical feedback needed to improve your swing. You’re left guessing as to what’s actually happening to your shots and will end up practising the wrong thing over and over again.

Simply plug the Optishot Sensorpad into your Windows/Mac Computer via the provided USB cable. Select whether you’ll be hitting a ball and if so what type of ball. Optishot functions with real, foam or no ball at all! Then swing away and the infrared sensors will track what your club has done. You’ll then get the feedback you need to improve your swing. What made my shot go left or right? Was it a closed clubface? Was it due to the swing path? Was it both of these factors? Optishot gives you all this critical information to help understand your faults. Nothing else on the market can give you this information for so little money. Not only do you get this information but 15 replica courses and driving range to enjoy whilst learning!


Optishot can be purchased for just £399 and then is left for you to decide on how you want to use it. There are the following options:
1) Simply plug and play on your computer to use in its basic form
2) Connect your computer to a HD TV to enlarge the experience
3) Connect your computer to a projector to create a  full golf simulator. We recommend one of our projection golf nets so real golf balls can be used safely and for the best experience