The following accessories will compliment your Optishot Simulator and provide that extra Professional Setup.

Tee Mats

The Two Piece Stance mat is great for holding the sensorpad in place and leveling your feet to the ball. The mat includes a cut out for the sensor pad to fit in.





The Supertee mat is perfect for the Optishot Sensorpad. This now means that your feet are level with the ball but unlike the two piece mat you dont have to re-adjust the part you stand on.  Some of our customers have cut out a rectangle in the top part of the mat so the sensor pad can be neatly placed in.

Available in:

1.5m x1.5m:   £299.00

Almost Golf Balls

Almost Balls have a unique cross-linked foaming and internal pressure which results in a .32 COR rating, approximately one third of a Traditional Golf Ball. As a result, the Almost Ball compresses slightly upon impact just like a Real Golf Ball, giving it real ‘pop’ off the club face and long-lasting durability.

Just £19.95 per box of 10




Replacement Parts

Replacement turf strips are perfect to give your Optishot that new feel. With a velcro back its a simple job to get a nice fresh astro turf strip on your sensorpad.

Replacement Turf: £19.95



The software disc is vital to running Optishot. If you have misplaced your software disc and have a new computer simply ordering the disc on it’s own will get you back up and running.

Replacement Software Disc: £19.95